ESLN Ceramics

Photography Credit: Jonathan Igharas

Porcelain Mountain Goat Skulls

These Goat skulls were inspired by the Spatsizi Plateau’s rich landscape and were originally cast in red as a literal translation for the Tahltan word Spatsizi, meaning “Land of the Red Goat”. The name refers to the changing of the indigenous goats’ fur from their natural white to red as they lay on the rich iron oxide soil. Located 200 miles north of Smithers British Columbia, the Spatsizi Plateau is one of B.C’s largest and most significant parks, and until 1929 the Tahltan natives were the only inhabitants of the region. For me the skulls reflect the paradigm shift occurring in the landscape, where Tahltans and non-natives alike fight for the mineral rich land (mining and gas) while attempting to preserve the immeasurable cultural value of the landscape.

Espresso cup
Wheel-thrown high-fired porcelain

Waffle Cup

Cast from a tacky yellow-tinted 70's light cover and made into a delicate, tactile ceramic container.

Pressed Cup
Raw, cream and black porcelain

Photography Credit: Yuiry Rzhemovskiy

All rights reserved, Tsema Igharas, 2018