Cha des̱’an łu·we
Ink on Rice Paper and Arches Paper, Rice Glue.

This is a small and detailed Japanese style woodblock print of a Rainbow Trout. It is printed onto thin rice paper and burnished until the print is transferred, dried for three days, then mounted onto light grey Arches paper.

Rainbow Trout are a special species of fish and denote fond childhood memories of fishing with my dad, and later of my time working in Fisheries Biology where I sampled and surveyed the fish to asses the health of the population before areas were developed. The fish in Tahltan Territory were very healthy- sometimes the fish were almost black with a rainbow sheen and sometimes they were bright silver! They reacted to the natural minerals in the water. Fish are the canaries of the water and if something goes awry with nearby development, the fish have a visible reaction and almost immediate population decrease. I hope this trout portrait depicts my love for these noble fish and their cultural impact, implied in the image with a small Northwest Coast style trout head in the right bottom corner.
Edition /50

All rights reserved, Tsema Igharas, 2018