Tahltan Hats
Project funded by the First Peoples Cultural Council Individual Artist Award.

Photography | Jonathan Igharas
Makeup | Kim Beth Dehoog
Model and Maker | Tamara Skubovius

Gold Grizzly Headdress
Stoneware, spray acrylic, leather twine.

Inspired by Burke Museum of Natural History Object #2674, "Bear Claw Headdress" (pictured below)
Collected by ethnographer George T. Emmons and sold to the museum.
Bear Claw, Leather, Thongs
L.8" x W.4"

Pictured below:

Grouse Hat
Wool, abalone buttons, dentillium shells, glass beads, grouse feathers, silk thread, kasha liner.

Inspired by UBCs The Museum of Anthropology, Object A2.54. Pictured below:

Beaver Hat
Cashmere felt, dentalium shells, glass beads, plucked and shaved beaver.

Headdress for my Grandma
Melten, leather, dentalium shells, glass beads, abalone shell buttons

Photo documentation by Eric Saczuk, SpaceHog Graphics

My Grandma was an Indian Princess
Lightboxes, back-lit photographs
Installed at RAG for the group show, Interweavings

Photo documentation by Eric Saczuk, SpaceHog Graphics

All rights reserved, Tsema Igharas, 2018