Projects completed at Kitinmaax school for Northwest Coast Indian art from 2004-2005.

Woman Walking, Bentwood Bowl
Yellow Cedar, Red Cedar, Bee's wax finish, Operculum shells, 2005
Photo credit: Yuriy Rzhemovskiy

This bowl speaks to a Tahltan origin story where two Tlkinkit woman were walking by the Stikine river, spotted salmon and called out "Tahltan". This became the name of my people.

I am Part Frog
Yellow Cedar mask, acrylic paint, hand-dyed leather

Photo credit: Yuriy Rzhemovskiy

Raven Steals the Moon
Carved and bent yellow cedar drum rattle, dear hide, sinew, acrylic paint, glass beads

Raven steals the sun
Carved alder "Deth'ola" (large ladle), acrylic paint, bee's wax finish

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